Friday, June 17, 2022
Early Bird Session at 6:15; Happy Hour at 7:00; Zoom Jam at 7:30

Zoom Jam Link (7:00 Happy Hour/ 7:30 Zoom Jam)

Buckeye Road Show Zoom Jam


EARLY BIRD ZOOM LINKS (6:10 to 6:45) : 

Hammered Dulcimer with Chris Steiner

Tablature as PDF: Hammered Dulcimer tab for Doctor, Doctor


Mountain Dulcimer with Joe Steiner and Shari Wolf

Tablature as PDF (updated):  Doctor, Doctor with 2 versions
(one for early player, one for more accomplished player)


Click here for Jam List and PDFs


Welcome to Buckeye's
venue ... Recreation Unlimited
Miscellaneous Information
T-shirt design
Past Vendors


DATES:  April 19 - 23, 2023     
PLAN AHEAD for BDF #30 !!!

BELOW, you'll find information from BDF 2022 which we will build on for 2023.



Join us at the festival for the morning 3-hour sessions via ZOOM.  Many could not join us face-to-face. 

At this late date, we are announcing the opportunity to join:
Jeff Furman's
3-hour Mountain Dulcimer classes for the Intermediate/Advanced player
Pam Bowman's
3-hour Hammered Dulcimer classes for the Intermediate/Advanced player. 
Morning classes on Thursday (4/28), Friday (4/29), and Saturday (4/30) will run from 8:45 am (Zoom at 8:30) until 11:45 am for a total of 9 hours instruction. 

Zoomers will be in the room with the 'in person' festival participants making this a hybrid experience.
BDF staff will be monitoring the two Zoom rooms for your questions throughout. 

The classes will be recorded through Zoom in case you
need to miss a morning.

Check out the class descriptions below.

The cost for the 9 hours of intensive instruction is $90 including materials as PDFs.  


YOU ARE INVITED to the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival's
virtual MEET & GREET!

This Zoom event will be held on Tuesday,
April 26 at 7:00 pm EST.

Who's invited?  Who might be interested?

-- Folks who have already registered for Pam Bowman's or
Jeff Furman's zoom class.

-- Folks who are interested in, perhaps, taking one of
the 9-hr zoom classes, but would just like more information
about the class and the experience. 

Both Pam Bowman and Jeff Furman will be present to
answer your questions about the classes.

Joe Steiner will be there to make sure that the technical
end of the experience is working for you and answer
any questions. 

The objective is to have everything ready for the
BEST Zoom and learning experience possible ... just
short of being with us in person.

The rest of the BDF staff will be there to say HI and to help
any other way possible.

Join us!  
Click this zoom link at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 26.
and spend time with us at Recreation Unlimited just
north of Columbus, Ohio. 

We will take registrations until 9 pm on Tuesday evening
using the credit card links below.
Notice ... there are separate links for each 9'hr class. 

Class Descriptions

Hammered Dulcimer (Intermediate/Advanced) - Pam Bowman

Listing out & practicing our embellishing “tools” to use with the Hammered Dulcimer…

Learning & practicing how to use these “tools” with finesse and feeling…

Launching these embellishments (tools) in the framework of several songs used/learned during class, as well as brainstorming on how to apply these embellishments to your own future arrangements!


Mountain Dulcimer (Intermediate/Advanced) - Jeff Furman

The main scope of this workshop (3 hours a day for 3 days) will be to discuss and demonstrate how to
“Add Variation to Playing the Mountain Dulcimer and how to Play Beyond the Notes”
(also known as “Tab is a Suggestion!”).  

Critical to this approach will also be the emphasis of listening to what you are playing!  
Concepts, techniques, styles, exercises, and a wide variety of music will be covered.  

To accomplish this, I will breakdown the three days of teaching as follows: 

THURSDAY: this session will focus on issues related to the Right Hand (e.g. techniques and concepts for strumming, playing individual notes, flatpicking, fingerpicking, and combining these techniques, exercises to practice the techniques, and a variety of tunes to apply them. 

FRIDAY:  this session will focus on issues related to the Left Hand (getting clean notes, improving fingering to help will smoothness and sustain, reviewing techniques for adding notes and variation, ornaments, etc., and applying them to a variety of tunes. 

SATURDAY:  This day will be used to “Put it all together!”   We will play a number of tunes to show how the concepts and techniques covered can be applied to a variety of music styles.   We will also emphasize listening to what you are playing (playing with your ears and not just your eyes!), and understanding what you are hearing. 

To this end, time will be allotted to have some students play a piece for the class (one you know and like, or one you play but want to know what you could do make it sound better, or one you are having trouble playing, etc.).  This will be done in a traditional Master Class style, where, as a group, we will listen to what’s being played and discuss in a learning way what we heard and offer ideas about how it might be changed or improved. With this approach, we will all learn the process of improving our playing…by using our eyes, ears, brain and heart!





When:  Wednesday, April 27 through Sunday morning, May 1, 2022

Where:  Recreation Unlimited, Ashley, Ohio (Festival home for all 29 years)

The Buckeye Dulcimer Festival moves forward FACE-to-FACE

On Friday, March 4, most of the Buckeye TEAM met with David from Recreation Unlimited (I consider him on the Buckeye Team as well!) our venue home. 


Covid mandates have been lifted for RU's lease groups of which the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival is one. 

What does this mean for the festival?  

-- Feel free to make your choices on masking, distancing, and other previous covid protocols. 

-- At this point (early March), there will still be covid screening upon arrival.

-- Registration:  There will be no changes to what is in place.  It is still a priority to limit the ins and outs during our time at RU and the festival.  This year we are truly sorry ... No commuters, no outside vendors, no weekend or Saturday-only packages. 

-- Vendors:  We hope to see them in 2023.

-- Schedule:   Check for updates.  

-- Dining Hall:  Provisions will be made for those who want some distancing as well as for those that don't. It is so great to have the ability to provide for these needs.

-- Housing: 
     Greif House 'pod' housing (see Facebook live video);
     Residence Halls A (females only) & B (mixed) ...  extra distancing between beds will remain for several months.

For now, that's we have as we move slowly towards SPRING and to the future.  Feel free to contact me by email or phone (937-295-5253).   


The Buckeye Dulcimer Festival #29 .... FACE-to-FACE Festival

April, 2022 Buckeye Dulcimer Festival Face-to-Face will look and feel very different from previous Buckeye Dulcimer Festivals. 

See March 5 Post above regarding the latest on removal of Covid mandates and how this affects

We will be using the Greif House and Residence Hall A or B for housing.  There will be symptom screening following protocols at arrival and registration at RU on Wednesday and also when leaving on Sunday. 
 The final decision to have the festival face-to-face or not will be made no later than March 15, 2022.  

What this means for Buckeye 2022:

1)    Registrations limited to 50 participants, Package #1 only for $390.  (All four days:  Stay onsite; All meals onsite.   No commuters or vendors coming in for the weekend.

2)   Morning classes (3 hours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning) will include Jeff Furman - mountain dulcimer headliner and Pam Bowman - hammered dulcimer headliner plus Chris & Joe Steiner and myself, Shari Wolf.  

      Morning classes ...
            -- Mountain Dulcimer … Intermediate/Advanced (Jeff Furman) and Past Beginner/Early Intermediate (Joe Steiner)
            -- Hammered dulcimer … Intermediate/Advanced (Pam Bowman) and Past Beginner/Early intermediate  (Chris Steiner)                  
            -- Band it!  Multi-instrument sessions with Shari Wolf

      Afternoon classes will focus on playing with a group, backup playing skills and much more.  We'll explore a variety of ways to enrich playing in a group.  It's amazing at the number of ways we can play together.

3)    As usual, the festival will concentrate on quality instruction.  This year there will be focus on individual skills and repertoire along with exploring ideas on playing together.  There will also be opportunities for other activities based on our lower attendance and ... a lot of fun!

4)    If you need to cancel or if the festival needs to cancel, you will absolutely receive a full refund. 

Questions?   Don't hesitate to call Shari at 937-295-5253 or email Shari at buckeyedulcimer@yahoo.com .



WELCOME to zoom jams, Buckeye Dulcimer Festival style.  Join Chris & Joe Steiner and Shari Wolf in jamming our favorite jam tunes from the dulcimer world, old-time music world and bluegrass world.  Music in the jams will all be traditional and from public domain.  No copyrighted music.

These are not beginner jams, BUT beginners ... anyone is welcome to join

We'll increase speed as we play through tunes and play singing songs at singing speed.
We'll play tunes more than just a few times.  

Zoom Jam #12 celebrating our first year will be Friday night, April 29, 2022.
with Happy Hour at 7:00 pm and music starting at 7:30 pm.
We'll be zoom jamming as a hybrid jam with Jeff Furman, Pam Bowman and participants from
the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival.   Hope you can join us on ZOOM!

You'll be able to hear only the three of us during the jam.  We will be muting you during the playing and unmuting
in between tunes for comments.    We hope this will help you to continue to knock some of the rust off your
playing in preparation for upcoming live events, especially, next year’s Buckeye Dulcimer Festival, April, 2022.

For Zoom sign-in information and Jam List,

Mark your calendars.  Hope to see you then!    
Buckeye Dulcimer Roadshow ... Chris, Joe, and Shari



 We miss you tremendously!  Thank you so much
for all you did for the Buckeye Dulcimer festival
for the last 25+ years. 

Your spirit and driving force along with Louise's
legacy will always remain with us.

From left to right:  Joyce Harrison (BDF co-director), David Hudler (RU business director and liason), and Shari Wolf (BDF co-director).  David gave us a magic wand that we wave occasionally and He Makes It Work!
      Up close and personal are the three folks responsible for a smooth running festival with a lot of fun added in for good measure.   And ... for the background in this picture ... people visiting, laughing, and a little studying.  2019




On January 2, 2021, Joyce Harrison (co-director) passed away from Covid.  It has been a terrible shock to me (Shari Wolf) and to so many others in our music, family, and the festival.   Moving forward has been very difficult, but time keeps moving on and some decisions regarding the festival need to be made. 

 Once again, David from Recreation Unlimited has helped this festival to move forward by scheduling Buckeye #29 for April 27 to May 1, 2022.   I will keep you posted here and on Facebook as time goes on.  It is my fondest hope that we will all see each other down the road sooner rather than later.    Sincerely in Music,   Shari


Join our mailing list (email or snail mail):   Email us and include your information.

If you have any further questions, please call Shari at 937-295-5253.

Thanks to Ashley Ernst and the Dulcimer Players News for all she does for the Dulcimer World!

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