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 MORNINGS:  Thursday (4/28), Friday (4/29), and Saturday (4/30)    Time:  8:45 am to 11:45 am


Past Beginners/Early Intermediate


Morning Course Description (9 hours)

This year Joe will show you how to take your basic skills and build on them.   

The first thing we will focus on is solidifying those basic skills – we need a solid foundation to build upon!  We’ll spend a short time honing our existing left-hand technique and solidifying right-hand rhythm.

Then, based on the current level of the participants (and the direction they want to go when they take their next step) we’ll explore various ways to add interest to our playing. We’ll experiment with chords in various positions, various strumming techniques, and left-hand embellishments such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. 

Along the way, we’ll learn some new tunes. We’ll use them to illustrate the techniques we will be exploring, and we'll discuss what makes them interesting, why they are fun to play! Working together, we’ll find ways to make them more interesting!


Past Beginners/Early Intermediate

Course Description (9 hours)

In this class, we will have a little refresher of what you learned as a beginner to make sure we are all on the same page, and then we will build on that.  We will learn a few new tunes by learning to recognize and memorize patterns.  You don’t need to know how to read music in this class… we will play a lot by “follow the leader”. 

You will learn how to embellish those simple tunes by using block chords, arpeggios, and drones and experiment with coming up with your own embellishments. Because the secret to embellishment is chords, we will work a lot with chords – learning a very simple pattern that will give you beautiful major and minor chord arpeggios in any key. 

With every tune, we will learn to identify the chords behind the notes so that we can play appropriate embellishments and take turns playing a chord backup as accompaniment.  By the end of the last class, you will have memorized a few new tunes, know how to embellish tunes that you already know, and be able to play in jams even if you don’t know the tunes by using chord backup.


Jeff Furman (9 hours)

Morning Course Description (9 hours)


(or,  Adding Variation to your Playing)

Intermediate/Advanced Players 

This workshop will explore adding variation and personal expression to your playing.  The notes are not the music!  We will focus on many right and left hand techniques for adding variation and emotion to your playing. 

And we will also focus on “listening” to what you play…too many people play mainly with their eyes (focused on Tab or frets) and not their ears (actually listening to the music being produced). 

The goal at the end of this workshop is for you to know how to breathe life into the music you play by using more variation and expression.  And you will also get a wide variety of great new tunes to play!    

- If you have a particular tune you play and want to explore how to get more variation and expression in the tune, feel free to bring that with you.  We could all learn from the process of adding variation to your tune.

- If you have any other specific requests of things you’d like to cover, feel free to email me at:



Pam Bowman

Morning Course Description (9 hours)


FINESSE - Feeling & Fine Tuning (our playing) for
advancing playing abilities.

Intermediate/Advanced Players

Listing out & practicing our embellishing “tools” to use with the Hammered Dulcimer…

Learning & practicing how to use these “tools” with finesse and feeling…

Launching these embellishments (tools) in the framework of several songs used/learned during class, as well as brainstorming on how to apply these embellishments to your own future arrangements!


BAND ~ IT! (multi-instrument class) 9 hours  --  SHARI WOLF 

What is this Band-it! class all about?  

This workshop could be compared to putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  The goal is to take players of various playing levels beyond the beginner level, playing a variety of acoustic instruments, familiar with a wide variety of music and blend and mold all of us into a BAND.  

GOAL #1:  We'll start with common songs and tunes that are familiar to all and work on arranging them with the following
in mind. 
The goal is to take several familiar 'club' tunes/songs and create an arrangement that makes them sound a bit different each time through.

1)  Discover different ways to start and end a song/tune.
2)  Look at different ways to vary the song/tune each time through.
3)  Working with bringing out the different voices of the instruments.
4)  Working on vocals and balancing the sound between singing and instrument backup.
5)  Discovering backup techniques for all instruments through chords and rhythms.

GOAL #2:  Take a piece of tablature which includes dulcimer tab, music notation, and chords to create a complete arrangement involving all instruments in the band.

1)  We'll explore different places to play the melody.
2)  Where to play chords to get different voices.
3)  Develop simple harmonies by using chords.
4)  Vary the arrangement.

My plan is to work with 4/4, 3/4, and maybe 6/8 timing. 

My hope is to introduce and apply just enough of the 'dreaded theory'  to create a platform for all BAND members to be able to take these principles back to their home club or small groups and HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions, email Shari .

We'll just let classes from 2016 and 2017 give you an idea of where we're headed.  

This video is part of their time on open stage.       BDF Band-it! Class - 2016

From Open Stage - BDF 2016, the Band-It! class performing a medley of
Johnny Armstrong
and Whiskey Before Breakfast.

BDF Band-it! Class (2017)  
Skye Boat Song


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