28th Annual ... held at Recreation Unlimited
Ashley, Ohio

March 6 - 10, 2019         



An extended 'HARP' class will rotate with 'Autoharp' every other year. 
This year, it's extended 'HARP' class (intermediate) with Allison Miller.  

If you are an AUTOHARP player, consider joining us in the "Band-it!" workshop led by Shari Wolf. 
Phyllis Davis will work with autoharpers.   We'll take those skills and tunes and feature them in our band. 

If you have any questions, contact us by email or by phone:  937-295-5253 (Joyce or Shari)

*Saturday Beginners, please make some notes on your registration form ...
1)  Please note if your are interested in one of these Saturday "Beginner Sessions." 
2)  Please let us know which beginner session (mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer or autoharp) that you will be attending. 
3)  If you need a loaner instrument, let us know on the registration form.  
Plan on coming to registration early (opens at 8:00 am) and get checked in so that you can get help in tuning to be ready
for classes to begin at 9 am.

2019 Buckeye Dulcimer Festival Brochure

This legal sized brochure was included in the Buckeye mailing. 
The brochure gives a rundown of highlights of the festival.

It is included here as a PDF. 

With the new semi private housing option, The Greif House, there are now 2 registration forms.

1)  Regular Registration:   This registration form should be used for housing in the Residence Hall (Dorms), as a commuter, or for Saturdays.

              2019 Registration form (As a webpage)     
Great for viewing information


2019 Registration form (PDF)     
Please use for printing the one-page form to send to us


2)  Greif House Registration:  This registration form should be used for Greif House (semi private) housing for the EXTENDED or WEEKEND sessions.

2019 GREIF HOUSE Registration form (As a webpage)
Great for viewing information

2019 GREIF HOUSE Registration form  (PDF) 
Please use for printing the one-page form to send to us


PDF Details for printing either of the registration forms   

Both registration forms (Regular and Greif House) can be downloaded/printed as a
PDF using Adobe Reader.  

If you don't already have it, go to and download the free reader.  

Let us know if you need help.
Email Us        Phone:  937-295-5253

Join our mailing list (email or snail mail):   Email us and include your information.

If you have any further questions, please call Shari or Joyce at 937-295-5253 or send us an email.


If you are not currently receiving BDF info and would like to be included on our mailing list, email us
Please include your name & address for snail mailing or request to be added to our email list.




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