held at Recreation Unlimited
Ashley, Ohio

#29 - APRIL 22 - 26, 2020    

#30 ...  APRIL 14 - 18, 2021





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2020 Buckeye Dulcimer Festival T-Shirt
(Final Design ... Posted:  3/10/20)


We are looking at a light blue shirt...for short sleeve and long sleeve tees and for the sweatshirt.

Thanks to Chris Steiner for computerizing the design, Joyce Harrison for the concept and Larry at Custom Apparel and Promotions in Akron
for assisting us with this final design.

If you have already registered for the festival, contact Joyce at buckeyedulcimer@yahoo.com
to place your shirt order. We can settle moneywise in April at the festival.


Past Festival T-Shirts






2015 T-Shirt/Sweatshirt featured another of
Jan Hammond's wonderful designs. 



FYI ... 2014 Buckeye Dulcimer Festival T-SHIRT & SWEATSHIRT

The design for the 2014 BDF shirt is simple, with a simple message.
"Get into the music" ...
 and it will get into you.

While many feel music comes from a place deep in the soul, learning good mechanics doesn't hurt either.

Let's join together to "get into" this simply beautiful music while supporting
Recreation Unlimited at the same time.

~ Jan Hammond








Confirmed vendors for BDF 2020:
Updated:  March 10, 2020

Dulcimer Bag Lady
Steve Binkley and Lee Felt:  This year, Lee's daughter, Toni, and son-in-law, Steve Binkley will return to continue to meet
past customers of Lee and Doug Felt and getting acquainted with new ones.

Winsome Expressions
Handmade shirts, accessories, and much more
(Marge Diamond)

Prussia Valley
Gary and Toni Sager return to Buckeye with a fine selection of mountain dulcimers,
and other instruments, plus accessories, and repairs.

Cloud Nine Hammered Dulcimers
Hand-crafted hammered dulcimers and marimbulas
(Michael Allen:   This year, Michael will be donating one of his beautiful marimbulas for the raffle. THANKS!!!)

Jill Weimer Dulcimer Hammers
Hand-crafted hammers for the hammered dulcimer including standard designs as well as custom designs and sizes.
Also, some cute hammered dulcimer related jewelry.  Jill will be traveling from Minnesota.  Welcome, Jill!

Pam Bowman and the Hammered Dulcimer
Hammered dulcimer accoutrements:  hammers, stands, books, music stands, tuners, wrenches, CDs - lessons CD.
Master Works hammered dulcimers

Ron Ewing Mountain Dulcimers   (Ron is tentative for 2020)
Hand-crafted mountain dulcimers  (Ron Ewing)



2019:   The Menu for 2019 is posted below or can be downloaded and printed as a PDF.   
When registering, there is a place to include special diet needs. 
Please give us as complete an idea as possible as to how we can accommodate them.
You'll notice that Recreation Unlimited offers gluten-free and vegetarian items. 
Wednesday and Friday's menu includes meatless options.
We just need to have an idea in advance of numbers of participants for each area.

Menu considerations (meatless) have been made for Wednesday and Friday
along with the normal vegetarian options.  

We continue to work with RU each year with special diet considerations such as diabetic,
gluten free, and vegetarian options.  RU can not accommodate Kosher or vegan options.

Please note these considerations on the registration form or email us.

Menu - 2019 as a PDF to print.

MENU for 2019   



Each year, instructors, vendors, and participants donate items to the Buckeye Raffle.   It's a wonderful raffle and a great way to bring the festival to a close.  
Over the years, the scope of items donated has been phenomenal ... Cds, tablature books, vendor items including music stands and capos, photography,
music-related tote and hammer bags, AND Instruments...Yes, INSTRUMENTS.  

The tradition of raffling a hammered dulcimer started with the first festival (actually several years before) by Joe Wojciechowski, a popular Michigan builder.  
Joe met Bob & Louise Ziegler before Buckeye started when a small community apple butter festival took place at Recreation Unlimited and brought
one of his 'novice' hammered dulcimers for a raffle.  Louise started the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival in 1991 and  Joe continued his 
participation and donation of an instrument.   As the festival has continued, other builders joined Joe's cause.  
Over the years, Paul Conrad and Gary Sager have donated mountain dulcimers and in 2014-5 Michael Allen started donating a hammered dulcimer.   
This year, Michael Allen is donating a marimbula to the raffle.     What a Gift!  

Several years ago, Joe passed away.  Since then, several of his previously donated instruments have returned to the raffle as a result of
past 'winners'  passing the beginner instrument back to the raffle for the budding player to take home.  
Continuing the 'passing on' tradition, other used instruments... banjo/dulcimer, psaltries, and more have been donated. 


We've had requests regarding 'visiting' on Saturday and being able to shop with the vendors.  

Visitors are welcome in the Dining Hall (where the vendors are located) anytime from 9am to 4pm.  
When checking in at the registration table, you'll need to fill out our festival release form and RU's release form.

                                                    Cost:  $10           Lunch (extra)

After 4 pm, folks coming to visit vendors, stay for dinner and the evening concert begin arriving.   When checking in at the registration table, you'll need to fill out our festival release form and RU's release form.    Cost: $20




Friday Night:   Country Strings ~  Michael Poole  <Break>  Tina Bergmann  ~ Lorinda Jones

Saturday Night:  

Chris & Joe Steiner ~  Marsha Harris <Break> Phyllis Woods Brown  ~  Buckeye Band 


 Concert Time:  7:00 pm (Doors open 6:30)

Adult Admission - $10
       *Children 12 and under - FREE with paying adult per child

Open to the Public!


Come to the 
Buckeye Dulcimer Festival ... learn from some of the best instructors in the country,
play lots of music, make life-long friends, and ... have a great time!   


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