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  March 9 - 13, 2011

It's #20 !

UPDATED:   Well ... we did it!   Our 20th celebration was just great!  Look for pictures, videos, and more soon.  (Posted:  03 13 11)

Just to let you know, we are planning for the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival to last many, many more years.
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We celebrated our 19th fun-filled, mid-March dulcimer festival in 2010 in a much calmer way than 2008's blizzard of 20 inches.  We are busy preparing for a less eventful BDF 2011.  This festival is held at Recreation Unlimited, National Challenge Center for the Handicapped in Ashley, Ohio, about 30 miles north of Columbus.    Look to March's Buckeye Dulcimer Festival to start your dulcimer-ing season with one of the first major gatherings of 'dulcimer people' in the midwest after the long winter's hiatus. 




Louise Ziegler of Ashley, Ohio, is the director of Buckeye Dulcimer Festival.  Louise has been playing the mountain dulcimer since the early 80's.  She is a well-known workshop leader and has seized every opportunity to take her dulcimer to all types of people.  She has been a staunch supporter of Recreation Unlimited (see below) since its inception.  Organizing this gathering is a beautiful blend of these two loves.  Assisting Louise in running this festival are long time friends and fellow musicians, Shari Wolf and Joyce Harrison.  We've learned a lot during this first 20 years.  We're ready for more!




Buckeye Dulcimer Festival
  is held at Recreation Unlimited, 'Unlimited dreams for Individuals with Disabilities,' Ashley, Ohio, which is about 30 miles north of Columbus not too far off I-71.  RU is a fine full-service facility used for handicapped "campers" in the summer and for groups and meetings throughout the year.  We are pleased to say that the proceeds from this festival go to RU to help defer the costs of campers.


Buckeye Dulcimer Festival '2011' edition will run from Wednesday,  March 9th through Sunday, March 13th.   The festival/camp edition will start with Wednesday night's orientation, jam and more.  We'll continue on Thursday and Friday with 10 hours of intensive 
Hammered & Mountain Dulcimer, Autoharp, Pennywhistle, Clawhammer Banjo, Fiddle and '

Band~It' (for all instruments).  


Instructors for Buckeye Dulcimer Festival '2011



Beginners -- Diane Hochstetler (Millersburg, OH)

When it comes to the Hochstetler family, there is truly "music in this house."  Diane has taught piano to many students in her area, but also finds it very comfortable to pickup the guitar or mountain dulcimer in a jam session or group.  Diane has been a supporter of the BDF for many years.   We watched several of her children grow up at Buckeye.  For several years, Diane could be seen supervising her daughter, Joanna, until she was old enough to be in her hammered dulcimer class on her own.  We have watched three generations of this family (with mom, Adelene)come to Buckeye year after year.

This year, Diane will be working with beginner mountain dulcimers students encouraging them musically and helping them to relax and enjoy making music.

Beginners -- Karen McCurdy (Medina, OH)

Karen has come to the Buckeye Festival for many years as a participant.  We welcome her to our staff this year as the instructor for the beginner hammered dulcimer students.

Almost everyone in her family plays an instrument and since early childhood, frequent family "jam sessions" were common.  So, it's no surprise that Karen now keeps folk music alive in her performances of folk, Celtic, and original music on the Hammered Dulcimer.

Karen performs regularly throughout northeast Ohio along with her Celtic harper partner, Karen Babb, under the duet name of MacKaren.  For more information on Karen, MacKaren, and their CD, go to CDBaby and read their bios.  Fascinating ...  Click here

Past Beginners -- Susan Trump (Newtonville, NY)

Susan is no stranger to the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival.  Over the years, she continues to be one of our most popular instructors.  Her classes feature a wide variety of repertoire ranging from easy, playable arrangements to the most rigorous of challenges.  She has a special way of working new technique into your playing as a natural progression of your learning.

This year, Susan will be focused on the past beginner mountain dulcimer player that has learned the very basics and will be taking them far down the road to becoming a solid intermediate player.

Susan has four solo CDs, several dulcimer tablature books, and teaching experience throughout the U.S.  Her latest project, "Lessons in Your Living Room" a monthly subscription series of lessons, has helped many players improve their playing in the comfort of their own home.

For more information, go to Susan's website.  Click here.

Past Beginners -- Chris Cooperrider (Findlay, OH)


fell in love with the hammered dulcimer in 1997 and has been performing and teaching ever since.

In addition to private lessons, workshops, and jams, Chris conducts workshops and performs at several festivals and venues yearly. Along with assisting with in-school music clubs and programs, she conducts workshops for school teachers for Bluegrass in the Schools in conjunction with the International Bluegrass Music Association in Nashville. This program promotes old time and bluegrass music as part of a standardized school curriculum.

This year marks the 3rd year of the DULCIMERS IN THE CORNFIELD Festival in late April that Chris and Joe Steiner assist Joyce Harrison and Shari Wolf in making happen.

Chris Cooperrider is one-half (the better half, she says!) of the Chris and Joe - Old Time Duo. Chris’ instrument of choice is the hammered dulcimer, but she can also be found playing upright bass for the Old Peculiar String Band.  To go to Chris & Joe's website, click here.

Intermediate 1 -- Maureen Sellers  (New Albany, IN)

Maureen is just one of the finest mountain dulcimer instructors here in the midwest.  Check out her long list of festivals, concert appearances, workshops, and Elderhostels where she has taught all levels of mountain dulcimer instruction. 

Having organized and run several long running festivals over the years, she understands the needs of everyone involved in making a festival successful. 

Maureen will be teaching the early intermediate player.  Her goal will be to help the student progress in technique by sharing a wealth of repertoire at a very measured rate.  Over the years, she has developed a wonderful series of dulcimer tablature books, "The Simply" series.

Her concert time features some fine playing, but, as important, Maureen enjoys the audience being an active participant.

For more information on Maureen, her tablature books and recording, check out her website.  Click here

Intermediate 1 -- Timothy Seaman  (Williamsburg, VA)

Several years ago, Timothy came to the Buckeye Festival as a relative unknown instructor and performer on the dulcimer festival circuit.  We first saw Timothy at the Sawdust Festival in Oklahoma several years ago and knew we needed him to make the March trip to Ohio at some point.

With his detailed materials and organized teaching style, it didn't take long for him to be recognized and accepted as one of our favorite hammered dulcimer instructors.  

This year, Timothy will apply his organized approach in working with the early intermediate hammered dulcimer player.  He will take students that know some tunes and a few embellishments to a new level of playing and individual style.  

Timothy has an amazing variety of recordings featuring many instruments including the hammered dulcimer.  For more information, go to Timothy's website.  Click here.

Intermediate 2 and Advanced  --  Janita and Tull

All intermediate 2 and advanced level mountain dulcimer students will spend one day (5 hours) with Janita and one day with Tull. 

                                 Janita Baker
                                                   (Santa Margarita, CA)

It sure is good to see Janita Baker back in Ohio again and at our festival in particular.  Several years ago, Janita came to her Buckeye classes with her encouraging, quiet confidence and lots of fresh music.  She became a favorite immediately and one of the highest vote getters to return for this 20th year.

Unfortunately for her, she'll be flying from sunny California to sometimes icy and snowy Ohio in March.   We'll do our best to extend an extra warm welcome.    I have a feeling that she'll also bring along some of her fine Blue Lion Dulcimers.   

For more information on Janita and Blue Lion Dulcimers, click here.  

Tull Glazener
(Indianapolis, IN)

We have welcomed Tull Glazener as a featured instructor and performer to our festival many times over the last 20 years.  Our participants love his teaching style, dulcimer arrangements, and repertoire choices.  Yes, he is one of our most requested instructors.

Over the years, Tull has performed with many groups including the Family Reunion String Band, Jim Sperry, Guy George and Half-way Home (Molly McCormack and Jon Hall).  He has some wonderful CDs featuring many of these groups as well as many tablature books covering a wide variety of music.   Most of his arrangements emphasize playing together by offering duet and ensemble arrangements. 

Each month, Tull's website is a frequent stop for mountain dulcimer players looking for his 'free tab' of the month also including multi-part arrangements.

No matter the time of day or night, you'll find Tull jamming with the dulcimer or for a change of pace, his button accordion.  Click here for Tull's website.

Intermediate 2 and Advanced  -- Dan and Steve 

All intermediate 2 and advanced level hammered dulcimer  dulcimer students will spend one day (5 hours) with Dan and one day with Steve. 

Dan Duggan
(Red Creek, NY)

We are so fortunate to welcome Dan back for his 3rd time at Buckeye.  Dan is one of the finest players, teachers, and motivators in the music world.  He has turned on the lights for so many players as they look for a bridge from being a good player to a great player in developing their own style.

His dynamic presentation was only sightly slowed when he found that he had head and neck cancer.  The 7pm gatherings of friends have become legendary in the dulcimer world.  Several years ago, we opened the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival with the playing of his inspired song, "For the Love of Friends" and talked with him on the phone all at 7pm. 

Dan has a wide variety of CDs including Christmas, Children's music, and the latest from his new group, Jamcrackers.  For more information on Dan, click here.


Steve Schneider
(Bloomfield, MI)

Steve, thanks for coming back for the 3rd time.  His last time was certainly memorable back in 2008 when we had a 22" blizzard.  We all made the most of it, but it certainly was a stressful time.  During Steve's Friday night concert, he succeeded in drawing us into his eclectic mix of repertoire, sounds, and rhythms.  We even forgot it was snowing for a while. 

Steve has proven to challenge his students to higher levels of technical skill, musicality, performance skills, practice techniques, and innovation.  His mix of repertoire leaves his students wondering what might be coming next.  And ... what about the juggling???

Steve's website gives a fascinating glimpse at his many accomplishments including CDs, Long Distance Lessons, Northern Lights week-long camp and his life with music therapy.  Click here for Steve's website.




These classes are designed for players who have some experience i.e. past beginners and above.


Autoharp (beyond basics) -- Les Gustafson-Zook  (Goshen, IN)      

We are so pleased that Les will be joining us as our most requested autoharp instructor.  His 'can do' attitude along with his challenge to improve playing technique attracts players year after year.

Les will be working with his students on Thursday and Friday for a total of 10 hours.  This amount of intensive instruction can  serve to really advance skills.

If you were here the last time Les was here, you might remember the limberjack, "Gratey" go airborn.  Les never missed a beat.

Welcome back, Les!   Our autoharp folks are looking forward to that special energetic style. Les has a great webpage.  To check it out, click here

Fiddle (beyond basics) -- Janet Furman (Chapel Hill, NC)

JANET was born & bred in Canton, Ohio but “grew up” in North Carolina after transplantation in 1978 to Chapel Hill N C where all musical styles are embraced and performed. She began her musical schooling early at age 7 but began truly honing her playing skills when she started playing Old Time fiddle well over 30 years ago.

An award winning fiddler, Janet is also a multi-instrumentalist (Old Time / Celtic / Swing fiddler, Celtic harp, flute, concertina, clarinet, penny whistle, viola, cello, bowed dulcimer—fretted & fretless, mountain dulcimer…) and is a much loved vocalist known for her variety of singing styles. Janet’s fiddling is noted for its melodic clarity & dynamic rhythms. She has taught fiddling and bowing workshops across the eastern U.S. as well as Louisiana. Her classes help students refine their playing and musical expression. Janet’s favorite musical moments include playing waltzes, cross tunes, but mostly performances with her husband Jeff. Together they have a large & loyal following. It is Janet's hope that you always come away inspired in some way from any musical encounter with her.

Janet and Jeff will be here to share their music as a team in concert on Friday or Saturday night.  To check out Janet and Jeff's website, click here.

Band~It! (multi-instrument class) 
Joe Steiner (Findlay, OH) and Shari Wolf (Houston, OH)

Joe and Shari will lead this class.  All players are welcome to become members of the band.  We'll arrange familiar tunes and learn new ones.  We'll work on interesting ways to start and end tunes, switch leads, ensemble playing, bridges, and medleys.  

Joe Steiner has been an instructor at Buckeye for many years.  He has taught clawhammer banjo, mountain dulcimer, and the "Band It" class.  Joe is one half of the "Chris and Joe" Old Time Duo.  Joe is deeply involved in old time and bluegrass music and brings many music arrangement tools to his teaching.

In addition to teaching, you'll see Joe at those late night jams and also running the sound system during the concerts and open stage.

This year marks the 3rd year of the DULCIMERS IN THE CORNFIELD Festival  in late April that Joe and Chris Cooperrider assist Joyce Harrison and Shari Wolf in making happen.

For more information about Joe, click here.


Shari Wolf has been involved with our festival all twenty years in helping Louise start and organize the festival.   Musically, she was a founding member of Sweetwater.  Sweetwater was a cornerstone of the festival until their group finale' in 2008.  Since that time, Shari has been involved with her educational materials business, manages websites for a wide variety of music-related groups, and is president of the Dayton Dulcimer Society.

She also manages the website for the Famous Old Time Music Company music store in Wapakoneta, Ohio, and is involved with many 'live' music events there including running the 'sound'.  This year marks the 3rd year of the DULCIMERS IN THE CORNFIELD Festival in late April that she, along with Joyce Harrison, plan, organize and make happen.

She'll join Country Strings in  kicking off Friday night's concert and in leading the Sunday morning Gospel Sing.  In addition to being involved with Buckeye, she helps with the organization of the Old Time Gospel Music Retreat as a member of Country Strings.   For more information about Shari and duo with Joyce Harrison (Dulcdaze), click here.

For many years, Shari worked with the 'Band Together' now known as the Band It! group.  Welcoming a group of folks playing a wide variety of instruments at many levels has served to be an exciting challenge.  During the past several years the "Band It!" group serenaded our festival during Friday lunch and open stage.

As the festival has grown, Shari's duties as assistant director has made it necessary to share the "Band It!" class duties.  Thanks Joe ... we'll have a blast.

Pennywhistle (beyond basics) -- Guy George (Cleveland, OH area)

Guy returns to teach pennywhistle and share some of his great
arrangements.  His multi-part arrangement of "If I Only Had a Brain" as performed by his class during open stage several years ago has been viewed many times on YouTube.

His teaching style if relaxed and fun, as he teaches tunes of many different genres and styles.  He incorporates methods for more advanced playing techniques while entertaining his classes as well.

We are so pleased that Guy and his wife, Sharrie will share their talents in concert.  Sharrie will be helping us behind the scenes as well as teaching on Saturday.

For more information about Guy and Sharrie, go to his website.  Click here.


Clawhammer Banjo (beyond basics) -- Jeff Furman (Chapel Hill, NC)

Jeff's first experience at Buckeye several years ago was in teaching the mountain dulcimer.  His class was a real hit and we're glad to welcome him back.  This time he will be teaching clawhammer banjo.

Jeff is an award-winning mountain dulcimer player who is known for his smooth and expressive style.  His gentle, humorous, and effective teaching style has made him a popular instructor at numerous mountain dulcimer workshops across the country.  Jeff is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing old-time music since 1980. Primarily a clawhammer banjo player for many years, he developed a rhythmic and melodic style which has heavily influenced his dulcimer playing.  He has an extensive repertoire of old-time fiddle music which crosses over to a strong interest in Celtic music.  He has a particular fondness for waltzes and Celtic airs on the dulcimer. 

Jeff has performed individually, with his wife, Janet, and with several old-time bands for over 30 years. His technical abilities and musical sensitivity have made Jeff a popular choice for playing on multiple recordings, including music from Ireland, Scotland, the Appalachian Mountains, and American folk tunes.  Jeff describes himself as a “musician with a day job!”  He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

To check out Jeff's website, click here.


Once again this year, Dorothy Buchanan will serve as our music consultant/advisor.  Dorothy will serve as music tutor during the extended classes for those folks in the hammered and mountain dulcimer classes that would like some extra attention.  For the weekend, Dorothy will help participants decide which classes fit their level of playing.  Thank you, Dorothy, for this great idea.


As the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival has grown, the 'behind the scenes' work and details have grown. 
With so many 'extras' planned for this year, look for these folks helping to make this year the BEST ever.

JOYCE HARRISON won't be in the hammered dulcimer classroom this year.  She'll be working behind the scenes towards making this year one to remember filled with those special touches.  You might see her driving golf carts, and helping folks, but she'll be at the center of many surprises.
     She'll join Country Strings in  kicking off Friday night's concert and in leading the Sunday morning Gospel Sing.  In addition to being involved with Buckeye, she organizes the Old Time Gospel Music Retreat as a member of Country Strings.  Joyce and Shari Wolf organize the DULCIMERS IN THE CORNFIELD festival in April, is involved with many other 'live' music events, and teaches hammered dulcimer at the Famous Old Time Music Company in Wapakoneta, OH.  Joyce also has a number of private students.  For more information about Joyce and the duo with Shari Wolf (Dulcdaze), click here.

DOROTHY BUCHANAN has been with this festival since the very first year.  After running a successful festival in Pennsylvania for several years, she added her thoughts to the formulation of BDF.  She served as a hammered dulcimer instructor for many years and now serves as our music advisor.  During the Extended session, Dorothy will serve as music tutor for folks that need some 'extra' attention.  You'll also see Dorothy as emcee of our Open Stages.  Folks, she collects those jokes all year long. 

SHARRIE GEORGE will be joining us during the Extended session to HELP.  You'll see her in the copy area, running errands, facilitating jams, teaching on Saturday, and ... oh yeah, appearing in concert with her favorite pennywhistle and hammered dulcimer player, Guy George.

MIKE & MARY JO LEPAGE have been wonderful supporters of Buckeye for many years.  You'll see Mike driving the golf carts from early Wednesday until the last person leaves on Sunday.  Mary Jo does so many things that we know, but many things we don't even know to help make BDF a success.   

DEBBIE & BRIAN DOGGETT have handled the registration and performers sale table for many years.  This all consuming job can be stressful at times, but every year they show up with smiling faces ready for the challenge.


There will be instructor-led jams on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and great food the entire time.   Friday at 3 p.m. starts the weekend festival with concerts, mini workshops on Saturday, jam sessions, open stage and Sunday's Gospel Sing.  


Saturday All-Day Beginner Sessions

In addition to the wide variety of mini sessions on Saturday, there will be all-day beginners sessions for mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, autoharp and more.  These sessions will run from 9:00 am to 2:45 pm. 

Saturday Beginner Sessions
9:00 am to 2:45 pm

Mountain Dulcimer
Hammered Dulcimer

No advance sign up for Saturday is necessary, but plan on coming to registration early so that you can be ready for classes to begin at 9 am.

Nearby Motels 

The motels on this list from Delaware and at I-71/US 36 are about 12 miles from the festival.  
The motels in Marion are about 20 miles from the festival.

There will be a map included with your confirmation. 

   2011 Buckeye Dulcimer Festival - Hotel Pricing

Hotel Name  Night Rate 
Holiday Inn Express - Sunbury  $          70.00
7301 East State Route 37
Sunbury, Ohio 43074  
(740) 362-3036
Hampton Inn - Sunbury  $          99.00
7329 State Route 36 & 37
Sunbury, Ohio 43074  
(740) 363-4700
Best Western - Delaware $75.99
1720 Columbus Pike
Delaware, Ohio 43015  AAA rate
(740) 363-3510
Comfort Inn - Delaware  $          60.00
1251 Columbus Pike
Delaware, Ohio 43015  
(740) 363-8869
Comfort Inn - Marion  $          71.24
256 James Way
Marion, Ohio 43302  
(740) 389-5552
Country Inn - Marion  $          85.50
2091 Marion-Mt Gilead Road
Marion, OH 43302  AAA rate 
(740) 386-5451
Holiday Inn Express - Marion  $          79.00
1842 Marion-Mt Gilead Road
Marion, OH 43302  
(740) 389-4300
America's Best - Marion  $          58.00
1952 Marion Mount Gilead Rd
Marion, OH 43302-5828  
(740) 389-4671
All prices are room only- Tax is not included.



If you are not currently receiving BDF info and would like to be included on our mailing list, click here
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Brochures have been snail mailed.  If you would like to print a registration form, click here.

**In the last several years, we have found ourselves being asked to make special adjustments to our pricing packages. 
Due to our current policy changes, we are unable to make any special exceptions in our pricing packages. 
Thanks for your understanding,
and we sincerely hope that you will still be able to attend the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival.


During the 2009 Buckeye Dulcimer Festival, Chris Cooperrider and Joe Steiner included in their set a song parody honoring the BDF Blizzard of 2008.


Come to the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival and have a great time and know that you are also helping a fantastic cause.  

Look for frequent updates to this page.  
Last updated,  3/13/2011

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